Double glazing is about more than just a new look for your home. It should also be seen as an investment in your property, one which, in many cases, can pay real dividends over its lifetime. As well as adding value to your property through increased ‘kerb appeal’ it can also, more often than not, help to reduce your heating bills with savings which, over the lifespan of the windows, will save you more than your original investment. 

How does double glazing help to reduce heating bills? 

Double glazing has always been famous for its ability to better insulate your home, but thanks to new technology, uPVC double glazing has never been more energy efficient. 

Better Insulation 

The key difference is the insulating properties of your double glazing. By doubling the panes of glass, you’ve already created an extra layer of material for the heat in your home to escape through. The layer of air or in some cases gas between the two panes serves to further trap the heat inside your home. 

In addition, the uPVC frames are developed with cavities that allow them to be structurally robust while also holding more heat inside your home. 

Better draught-proofing 

If your existing windows are a little on the old side, or if they’ve been damaged by the weather or repeat use, you may find that your home is getting draughty. This will certainly be impacting on your heating bills so new windows, expertly fitted will make a positive difference. 

Can double glazing save me money? 

In the majority of cases, the simple answer is yes, they can. Unless your existing windows are very new and in excellent condition, there will almost certainly be a reduction in your heating bills from the installation of new windows.

The question of how much you can save is a little more tricky as that comes down to a number of factors including how old your windows are, what material your existing window frames are made of, whether you currently have double glazing installed and whether or not there has been any damage to one or more of the frames. 

To obtain a quote for new windows and discuss how much new double glazing would benefit your home, and budget, use our online window and door quote tool.