Usually, double glazed windows can last between 18-20 years. This means during the lifetime of the window the energy savings that will be generated will pay for the initial cost of installation, however, the lifetime can be cut short if the window has been improperly installed or is displaying any one of the below signs.

Signs that a window needs replacing

Damaged or warped

If your windows are damaged or warped. Then it would be a good time to replace your windows especially if the window has lost the weather seal.

A sign that the weather seal has been damaged is that the double glazed windows condensation within the two glass panes. This may be a problem with the weather seal or, more severely, the frame.


Another sign that the window is broken or is damaged which may not be obvious is that may be rotting. Rotting usually happens with wooden frames that are old and have been poorly maintained. This exposes them to the elements and leads to the wooden decomposing. A rotting window frame is one that should not be ignored and fixed immediately.

Cold air

Another sign that your window is damaged or warped is that it lets in cold drafts. This is bad for energy efficiency and this indicates that there may be a problem with the window frame. Specifically, the insulation surrounding the frame. Replacing your window would fix this and get rid of the cold drafts that would be entering your home.


Windows can provide acoustic insulation that is beneficial for enjoying a relaxing evening or sleeping peacefully, however, that relaxing evening or the peaceful can be disturbed if the acoustic insulation is failing. The acoustic insulation provided by windows and deteriorate over time as weather can damage the seal and frame. This is especially true for windows that are wooden or have single panes.

On average, double glazed windows can reduce the noise by 25dB which is a roughly 58% drop in noise. Triple glazing pushes this a 90% reduction.

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Getting an accurate estimate of the costs involved in replacing your windows should be something that you do after you have checked whether your windows display any of the above signs.

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