Blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors is the newest trend in home design and


When we bring the outside in, and add a homely touch to our outdoor living area, we simply never want to leave home. Imagine the comfort of your couch, fresh air and lovely green views? Sound like the perfect way to spend a weekend?

A uPVC patio roof is indispensable if we want to enjoy nature from the comfort of our home. Most people love entertaining and having a patio in our own back garden can add to the joyful ambiance of our home, especially when we throw a small feast for our friends and family. A patio is the perfect spot for a summer evening barbecue.

A trendy patio gives us the sensation of having a much larger home than we have. This is perfect for those of us, whose homes get cramped with all the household stuff we have accumulated over the years. Progress Windows offer a wide selection of designs and colours of patio roofs, allowing you to make better use of your outdoor space and protecting you from the elements.


At the entrance to our home, we can bring instant character and style with a porch. A porch not only creates a stylish, visual impact which is sure to impress guests, but they also come in very handy adding extra space for coats and shoes.

A front porch can also add an extra layer of security to our homes. Sleep comes a little easier knowing our families and belongs are kept safe with Yale smart security locks. A Progress Windows porch will provide you with added peace of mind each time you leave your home empty as you can rely on it to firmly protect your residence.


The porte-cochère or ‘coach door’, was an open sided addition which gained popularity in the 18 th century. It was originally designed to enable wealthy travellers to step out of their carriages and into the entrance of their homes, without being exposed to the elements. Now in the 20 th century, we have the good ol’ carport and although it still gives us some protection from the weather, it gives many a sense of security as the distance to the front door is usually minimal.

A carport provides shelter for our vehicles. People and pets aren’t the only things that need shelter from the elements. Beside our home, what we drive is usually considered to be one of the most important investments we make.

At Progress Windows all of our expertly made Patios, Porches and Carports are made from hard wearing uPVC which is completely recyclable and will not damage the environment. We know you take pride in your home and we know that we have a product range to really enhance your property and make a massive difference to its appearance.