The colder months are creeping in on us and it will soon be time to dig out the gloves, scarves and hats. But how can you prepare your home for winter?

In this article, we will cover some of our top tips to get your home winter ready, including;

  • Give your radiators some TLC
  • Give your gutters a clear-out
  • Check the roof
  • Wrapping up 
  • Leaving the cold at the door
  • Keeping the boiler ticking over
  • Block up that unused chimney
  • Upgrade your windows
  • In your garden

Some of these tips may be quite easy to do whereas others could be a little bit more of a hassle, but once done, you may notice a difference! Let’s take a look at some of our top tips.

Bleed your radiators

Bleeding a radiator can seem like a daunting task. But it’s really easy and will help keep your home warm this winter. If your radiators are cold at the top and hot at the bottom, that means they need bleeding.

To do this, turn off your heating and get a cloth and a bleed key ready. At the top of your radiator, turn the valve anti-clockwise until you hear a hiss (don’t worry, it’s only air). Hold a rag below to catch any water that drips. Once water starts to flow, tighten the valve up and you’re done.

By setting your heating on low during the day, either manually or on a timer, your house will stay warm enough to prevent frozen pipes from becoming an issue. An hour in the morning and an hour in the evening will be enough. This is especially important if you are planning to go away during the winter months.

Give your gutters a clear-out

Soon the leaves are going to start falling and although it is not a nice job, it is important to make sure your guttering is clear of sticks and leaves. Once you’re up the ladder, make sure the pipes can carry water away from your home. This prevents damp from getting into your walls which can cause damage. 

Also check for rot, warping and flaking if your gutters are old; it may be time to replace them with new uPVC gutters and drainpipes which will also improve the look of your home for many years to come, plus they are low maintenance too. 

Check the roof 

While you are up the ladder, check for cracked or missing tiles as these will let rain in, causing damp and even rot. If you aren’t keen to get up high on a ladder, it may be worth getting a professional in to inspect your roof for you. 

If your conservatory has a polycarbonate roof, it most likely becomes a cold, unused space in the winter. There are many benefits to changing the roof of your conservatory to a warmer one. A tiled roof is very energy efficient and they are proven to reduce heating bills. And whatever the season, a tiled replacement conservatory roof will have you and your family enjoying this space with a comfortable temperature all year round. By ordering one now, Progress Windows can have it installed before the cold sets in. 

Wrapping up 

Other than checking your loft insulation is up to standard, you can also keep your pipes cosy by wrapping then with lagging, stopping them from freezing and avoiding blockages and burst pipes. (Garages and where pipes are outside are the main problem areas). Know where your stopcock is just in case of flooding. 

Leaving the cold at the door 

If you are feeling the chill from draughts in your home, a good place to start checking where they are coming from is gaps under your doors, around your letterbox and the edges of window frames. 

Autumn is a popular time for homeowners to replace their old doors with new energy efficient composite ones. Not only is there a wide range of styles and colours (giving your home a delightful new look in winter), but by having a Progress composite door installed in your home, you will reduce the amount of energy you use which means lower energy bills. 

At the end of October, our clocks move back an hour giving us fewer daylight hours. Protecting your family & home is always important and in the dark, the added security of a Yale lock will always bring that extra peace of mind. All of our door & window components are designed & tested to the highest BSI security criteria.

Keeping that boiler ticking over

During the winter months, it is always a good idea to heat your home for at least an hour every day, even if you are away. This will keep things running smoothly – if you don’t know how to set your timer and don’t have the manual, you will always be able to find instructions online. While you are checking your boiler, make sure the pressure is around 1 bar (the pressure gauge will be on the front, or underneath your boiler where the pipes are). If it is too high or low, get an engineer in for a service.

Block up that unused chimney

An open chimney will suck up much of the heating from a room. While you can buy rubber chimney balloons to stop this from happening, an easy effective way to stop your heat escaping is to simply use an old pillow. Just remember to remove it if you do decide to light a fire! 

Upgrade your windows

If you haven’t already, installing double glazed windows will significantly affect the temperature of your home and reduce heating bills. Progress Windows are able to offer the highest energy efficient rating A+14 window, exceeding industry standards and with no energy loss whatsoever. A window from Progress Windows will keep the warmth in and be draught free. 

In your garden

If you have any large trees in your garden, it is important that they are well-trimmed before the frost sets in. Winter temperatures bring the risk of trees freezing, resulting in broken branches, and possibly damaging your home or vehicles. 

Always keep pathways & drains clear from leaves and debris. Not only are these a potential slip hazard, but they can cause blockages in your drains, resulting in flooding on paths which can be a big problem when freezing weather sets in. 

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