Since our blog on the different conservatory roof options that are available, many readers have asked for more information on replacement tiled roofs and if they are worth the cost? For many dealing with an old conservatory, the extra space once hoped for has become a let-down; unusable with the intense heat in summer and Arctic conditions in winter. Replacing a conservatory roof is a common consideration by many homeowners, but there is uncertainty of the benefits (or cons). Will a replacement roof give you the genuine extra living space in your home?

How does it work?

They are designed to replace your existing conservatory’s polycarbonate roof, retaining your original windows, doors, frames and walls. First of all, we remove the old roof and then construct and install a lightweight aluminium frame. The high performance insulated roof is then added before the interior and exterior are finished to your specification.

Do they make a room more usable?

This has to be the key benefit! A conservatory is simply wasted space if it’s too hot or cold to enjoy, and the culprit is the polycarbonate roof. A solid, tiled replacement roof instantly changes this, and the conservatory becomes as usable as any other room in the house, yet it remains a sunny spot to enjoy in the summer months. Your conservatory becomes nice and cool in the summer and cosy and warm in the winter.

What about light?

You might miss out on the extra light from a polycarbonate roof, but with Velux roof windows you can enjoy a bright and fresh interior without the glare.


Where polycarbonate and glass roofs stand out from the rest of the property, a replacement tiled roof can be customised with a stunning range of lightweight and durable tile or slate, and in a wide range of colours. A replacement roof effectively turns a flawed conservatory into a stylish extension.

Do they pass building regulations?

We only install replacement roofs that have been rigorously tested and shown to deliver on its aims (a lightweight replacement, tiled roof that not only worked but made the room better) and they are the only roof if its kind to have full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval, meaning you can have the work done with complete peace of mind.

And the big one – the cost!

The cost of the work might be the main concern for any homeowner and it might seem like it could be throwing good money after bad. But it is rather, spending a bit to correct a mistake. Not only will a replacement roof increase the usability plus increase the value of your home, the energy bill savings means the work can more they pay for itself. Independent research shows an average energy bill saving of £200 per year as the conservatory will no longer require near-constant heating.

If you started reading this blog wondering if it is possible to change your conservatory roof, the good news is that you can. If you would like to discuss the options for a new roof, get in touch with one of our experienced team members via our ‘book a home appointment’ link or call 01455 632731