To all Business Owners;

Over the last few days, we have been contacted by a few of our local businesses due to their premises being broken into.
It seems that targeting closed businesses is a burglar’s new way of taking advantage of what is an already vulnerable time.

So, we have popped together a few ways you can make sure your buildings are secure whilst you are unable to be there due to the Covid-19 lock-down.

Make sure all glass is secure
Ensuring all the glass to the building is secure with no chips/cracks. Replace any broken panes you come across and always make sure they are locked where you are able to do so.

Upgrade to laminated glass
Laminated glass is tougher than standard glass. Having this glass in your windows may discourage any attempted break ins. Trying to smash the glass would make a lot of noise which would draw attention and hopeful deter them.

Check and update locks – keep all entrances secure
Make sure all locks are functioning correctly on all doors and windows.
If you haven’t already got yourself an Ultion Lock to the front door these are the best ones to upgrade too. They have an anti-break in feature.

Install or upgrade alarm systems
If you don’t already have an alarm system now would be the time to consider getting one installed.
If you do, make sure it is working correctly and if it needs an upgrade to ensure it covers all possible unwanted entrances, we advise getting this done too.

Add CCTV as a remote connection linked to your phone/iPad or PC
Having your CCTV remotely connected to your phone or iPad would be a great way to keep an eye on your premises when you can’t be there.

We hope this helps you make sure your businesses are secure at this difficult time.
If there is anything we can help you with or you would like some advice – please email