The best conservatory roof options for your home

Choosing the best conservatory roof for your home can be quite difficult, as it really depends on your personal taste, as well as the functionality of having a glass or tiled conservatory roof.

In this blog post we aim to give you the benefits of having a polycarbonate, tiled or glass conservatory roof.

So if you’ve decided you’d like to increase your living space or you’re ready for a conservatory roof repair, then this guide is for you, as we will help you choose which roof is right for your conservatory.

Polycarbonate conservatory roof

Polycarbonate is widely considered to be the cheapest option but it is the cheapest option for a reason. Its thermal efficiency is quite low and doesn’t provide much airflow in the summer or even heat retention in the winter.

Polycarbonate is made from multiple layers of sheeting with an air gap in the middle, so although they let in a fair amount of natural light, they are not as aesthetically pleasing as glass. Unfortunately, rain on polycarbonate is not a gentle, pleasant sound which together with the thermal efficiency and inelegance, put polycarbonate at the bottom of the list. 

Glass conservatory roof

If you are looking for a classy room filled with a lot of natural light and a feeling of space around you, a glass conservatory roof is the one for you. 

One of the main concerns our customers have is that with a glass conservatory roof there will be an awful lot of heat retention in the summer with very little airflow. Thus it is more like a greenhouse than a conservatory. 

But this isn’t the case.

With modern double glazing designs, your conservatory changes to a wonderful natural room that provides adequate airflow in the summer and maximum heat retention in the summer. This is particularly useful in the colder months where investing in a glass conservatory roof may actually reduce energy bills and in turn save you money.

Modern technology has given us innovative ‘self-cleaning’ glass (the glass reacts with sunlight to break down dirt), plus there is the option of tinted glass to protect any valuable furniture. 

Tiled conservatory roof

A tiled conservatory roof will give you less natural light than a polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof, but it will transform your conservatory into an additional room for your home. 

Summer and winter will no longer be an issue as the thermal efficiency of a tiled conservatory roof is in a league of its own. Adding a few Velux/Sky windows will bring you the best of both worlds; a room filled with natural light and at just the right temperature. 

Choose your preferred style with a blend of roof tiles with roof windows and you can enjoy your new state of the art thermally efficient living space. 

While a tiled conservatory roof is the most expensive of all the three options on our list, they are highly durable, lasting around 50 years and very versatile in the designs and colours as you are pretty much guaranteed to get the perfect tile colour to match your house. 

Perhaps a downfall of tiled conservatory roofs is that the installation will most likely require a little extra work to ensure the conservatory can withstand the additional weight. 

But don’t worry, if you’re interested in a tiled conservatory roof, glass or even a polycarbonate one, Progress Windows can send out a surveyor to your home to see your conservatory and he will be able to tell you if your conservatory is suitable for any of the above options or if you may require additional support in your conservatory to withstand a certain design such as the tiled conservatory roof option. 

Ready to install your new conservatory roof?

Either way, whether you’re looking to install a conservatory at your home or you’d like to replace your current conservatory roof for a different style, get in touch with our friendly support team at Progress Windows, we’d be more than happy to discuss your needs and help you in any way we can.

Alternatively, you can go straight to booking an appointment with one of our surveyors who will come to your home to access your requirements and answer any questions you may have.