With summer just about gone, and autumn around the corner, leaves are going to begin falling. Autumn is a beautiful time of year, with infinite shades of gold and orange, but our gutters can take a battering. This makes it the perfect time to give our gutters a health check before winter and freezing temperatures arrive. They may need replacing and if so, uPVC roofline might be the right option for you. Let’s look at some of the benefits of uPVC gutters, downpipes and fascia.


Worn timber roofings can often spoil the look of a house. Progress Windows only install UK manufactured Liniar soffits, fascia and guttering – who use the same high quality manufacturing process and materials (lead free & eco-friendly!) as their range of windows, doors and conservatories.

The chemical structure of uPVC enables our guttering to be made in any size and shape, with round style, square style and deep style being the most common designs. This also means no painting is needed.

As well as shape, uPVC gutters offer a greater variety of colours, allowing you to match your guttering to the exterior of your home more effectively and creatively.

The foiled wood grain finishes match our other products perfectly, giving your house a new cleaner, more attractive look. Tudor boards are also available.


If news reports are to be believed, we are in for a cold, icy winter and this is not good news for homes with old cast iron or aluminium gutters & downpipes. Keep an eye out for icicles forming beneath guttering joints indicating that melted snow is forming a dam and not flowing to the downpipes. Any frozen snow or ice stuck inside downpipes can cause them to expand and crack.

While our uPVC guttering and downpipes do have some give, old fashioned rusting cast iron downpipes do not, so end up cracking & will need replacing. Cast iron gutters and downpipes are also much heavier and with any added extra weight of snow and ice, can cause a lot of damage by pulling away from your home, pulling your fascia boards with them. If your uPVC gutters do get blocked up and end up giving weight due to a build-up of snow and ice, it is not the end of the world as not only will they not be strong enough to pull the fascia off your wall, they do not cost much at all to replace (tip – keep those gutters clear of autumn leaves and debris and keep an eye out for snow build up in your gutters and clear it before it turns to ice).

Linear fascia boards are 20mm thick, instead of the industry-standard 16mm, providing greater strength, with longer legs and extra cover on mouldings.

Low maintenance

A major benefit of UPVC gutters and downpipes are that they only need a wipe and clean every couple of years unlike the yearly maintenance slog of cast irons ones. Did we mention they don’t need painting!


The other massive advantage is that they are so much cheaper to buy than cast iron replacements yet still offer the same level of outstanding protection against rainwater.

Progress Windows offer complete removal of all timber products and replacement of any rotten timber if required, before fitting the new roofline. We will move tiles back to access old and rotten sarking felt and replace them with rigid eaves guard. And once your installation is completed, you will have peace of mind knowing that all work is guaranteed for 10 years!