Gardening has been proven to have many benefits on mental health.

Spending time in green space or bringing nature into your everyday life can benefit both your mental health and physical well-being,

But why is gardening so effective on your mood?

According to Mind, the mental health charity, gardening can:

  • Improve your mood
  • Reduce the feeling of stress
  • Improve your physical health
  • Help you become more active
  • Improve your confidence and self-esteem

Carry on reading this article to find out how gardening can benefit your mental health and wellbeing to help you live a more fulfilling life.

Increase your sense of personal fulfilment

Setting yourself small daily targets in the garden can be a great way to boost your self-esteem and create a sense of purpose in your life. Regularly maintaining your garden can give you a sense of achievement once all jobs on your to-do list have been completed. We all feel good when we have achieved a set of goals – big or small. This can increase your level of self-efficiency which is a great way to improve anxiety and depression.

Expose yourself to sunlight

Exposing yourself to natural daylight is a great way to improve your mood. Sunshine can trigger the hormone serotonin which acts as a mood stabiliser that helps us feel more positive and productive. During the winter months, this is sometimes a lot harder to come by. It is therefore important to expose yourself to a safe level of sunshine to help stabilise your mood.

Boost your mood through gardening

Not only can gardening be fun, but it can be a great way to boost your mood. Regular exercise is well known to reduce the effects of mental health. By maintaining your garden, the act of digging, pushing a lawnmower and raking leaves can all be a great form of exercise. Whilst gardening is a gentle form of exercise, it provides an effective workout whilst putting minimal strain on the body – unlike weight lifting at the gym. If you’re someone that has a fear of gyms, this may be the perfect fitness routine!

Expand your social circle

Gardening can be a positive way to build a close support network that can help you with mental health. If you’re struggling with confidence issues, joining a community gardening project is a great way to socialise and make new friends. Having a support network can be a crucial part of the recovery process.  You can search for local community activities through networks such as meetup. This is an online space which has been designed to bring people together through trying new hobbies or doing what you love!

Connecting with nature can be a great way to improve your wellbeing

Being outside is a great way to bring inner peace within the mind. By creating your own outdoor space that you feel comfortable being in, you provide yourself with a safe, comfortable place where you can fully relax. If you are located in urban areas and have little exposure to greenery, try creating plant pots of flowers. This way, you can make an area on your patio or balcony which exposes you to a hint of nature.