We have noticed that composite doors were one of our most popular products in 2019.

And it’s not surprising at all given how many benefits there are in owning a composite door. 

From the energy efficiency to stylisation and overall look and feel of composite doors, means that they are an instant attraction for homeowners looking to upgrade their front and back doors.

Google’s own data shows how popular composite doors have become, with “Composite Door” as a search term growing consistently over the last 16 years, and we expect it to continue to grow and we fully expect the trend to continue well into 2020.

Composite doors trend graph

Sustainability in composite doors

One of the many reasons why composite doors are so popular is because they are highly sustainable. 

Being 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. These doors appeal to both the younger and older generation due to the lifespan of the door and the materials used in the manufacturing process.

And with the growing concern of climate change, sustainability is an increasing factor that ties into homeowners’ decision-making.

Here at Progress Windows, the composite doors we install are fully sustainable and built for longevity and durability. So when buying from us, you can rest assured knowing that our products are environmentally friendly.

What about uPVC doors and others?

Just because homeowners are more inclined to go for a composite door, does not mean that uPVC doors, stable doors or any other door types aren’t popular.

Where composite doors tend to be significantly more expensive, uPVC doors are a much cheaper alternative and may suit younger homeowners who may not have the disposable income to splash on the door of their dreams, just yet.

We’ve discussed the many benefits of uPVC doors before and why they’re still a great investment for homeowners, being a cheaper alternative and lower maintenance. The only downside is, there are fewer styles to choose from.

But the same energy efficiency applies as does the environmental friendliness of uPVC doors.

Are composite doors really that good?

Well judging by the many benefits they offer homeowners, the variety of styles and customisation that comes with choosing a composite door, we would say so.

If you really want your front and back doors bespoke to you, then choosing a composite door is the way to go (but not just for that reason, for many other reasons).

Get an instant online quote from us today to see how much a brand new composite door or uPVC door might cost. 

Alternatively, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help you choose the right door for you, whether that’s a composite door, uPVC door or any other door you may be interested in, our friendly team are on-hand to best advise you and point you in the right direction.