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Edwardian Conservatory

Edwardian Conservatory

Edwardian ConservatoryThe striking pointed roof helps give this conservatory the feeling of extra space and an ageless appearance, which combines well with properties both old and new. You certainly won’t be short of living space when you invest in a beautiful Edwardian conservatory from Progress Windows.

One of the major plus points of an Edwardian conservatory is how close it looks and feels to a typical room in your home, helping you blend home and conservatory very easily. Progress Windows believe it to be an ideal choice for homeowners looking to use a room for multiple purposes. There is nothing to stop you from using it as a both a room to dine in and a room in which you can relax.

Progress Windows design Edwardian conservatories with all the traditional characteristics and styles you would associate with the Edwardian era.  It provides a sense of grandeur, as well having a romantic and attractive styling.  They are typified by the rectangular or square layout, a flat front and an apex roof.  An Edwardian conservatory is well proportioned layout allows the maximum use of floor space.   This means that it is very adaptable and will greatly add to the living area of your home.  Edwardian style conservatories fit in well with both traditional or modern homes.

The Edwardian conservatory is without doubt one of our most popular styles.  It is popular because it provides customers with a traditional looking conservatory. It has a large, square or rectangular room.  This maximises the large floor space and the sloping glass roof gives a greater impression of space.  This creates a light, relaxed living space that all the family can enjoy. Its classic roof shape look great on both period or modern houses.

The side walls of the Edwardian conservatory can be glazed to the floor, which gives a greater sense of depth and allows the conservatory to feel like it blends into the garden. The brickwork walls can be chosen to either match or contrast with existing bricks.

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