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Edwardian Conservatory

P Shaped Conservatory

This style of conservatory brings together some of the other designs in a combination to create what looks from above like the letter ‘P’.  A ‘P’ shaped conservatory generally brings together either a 3 section, or 5 section bell Victorian conservatory with either a lean-to or a double hipped Edwardian to form an exciting & good looking building which can enhance & compliment any home, period or new, large or small.  For particularly large situations we can create a P with the tail on either side, so that the bell section is in the centre.  This type of conservatory looks particularly spectacular on older properties but can also look amazing on larger new & modern buildings.

This classic design of conservatory is ideal if you need lots of extra space, whilst at the same time want something away from the norm.  Moreover being constructed with the same high quality, high insulation & high security products as our other conservatories this superb living space can be used & enjoyed all year round.

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