Aluminium Doors and Windows

Progress Windows can fit aluminium doors and windows to your home or commercial property.  Aluminium products offer strength and durability and provide high thermal efficiency. The frame construction is thinner than that of other products and so the increased glass area can be advantageous if you are looking to let a lot of light into the property or you have stunning views from your room.

Another benefit of aluminium windows is the ability for them to be coloured in any shade you wish. You can even have a different colour on the inside and outside of the frame. Our colour finishes are tough and resilient and therefore will not flake or fade over time. Aluminium windows lend itself to a modern contemporary style and can really make that difference to your home or property.

Aluminium doors and windows provide outstanding security features.  They also provide a superb double glazed solution in large door and window areas. The provide great resistance to the weather and will last a long time. They are highly resistant to corrosion, are strong, durable and offer great style. Aluminium offers a strong frame as well as giving you slim-lines, needs smaller frames and has more glass to allow more light in.

Aluminium windows are perfect for use in both domestic and commercial markets buildings. Aluminium windows are designed to reduce heat loss with a thermal break in the aluminium frame using a polyamide bridge.

Aluminium doors and windows are designed to prevent the heat loss from inside of a room.  We are able to provide made to measure solutions that are designed and manufactured to meet your requirements. This can include doors,  fixed windows, casement windows, sash windows, tilt and turn windows, angled windows or bay windows.

Our made-to-measure aluminium doors provide industry-leading performance and have great design qualities that turn your windows into a real focus for your home.

We ensure that our aluminium windows are engineered to provide high performance and are aesthetically very pleasing.

aluminium door

uPVC Bi-Fold Doors

UPVC Bi-Fold doors can create a whole new feel for your home, from a 2 pane up to a 7 pane configuration linking rooms together and seamlessly joining inside living with outside space.

We have designed our Liniar Bi-Fold doors from the ground-up and they are definitely market leading. They are the first UPVC product that can be regarded as a genuine alternative to the established aluminium systems. These doors can really enhance your home and have become very popular.

Our UPVC Bi-Fold doors are practical and easy to use. To give you true flexibility, our doors can be fully opened, partially opened or fully closed to suit the amount of space required. Once you have fully opened the doors, they neatly stack to give you valuable new space and an ‘open plan’ living area

Features and Benefits

1.    Slim Sight Lines

Our slimmer frames mean that we use less uPVC and give you more glass to provide more natural light.

2.    Flexible Configuration

From a 2 to 7 panel configurations available, you can tailor your bi-fold door to suit your home.

3.   Ultra Low Threshold

Available with an aluminium 24mm low threshold and optional wheelchair access ramp.

4.   Concealed Hardware

We have enhanced the look of these doors by providing in-board mounted stainless steel track to conceal all the hardware.  This means that only the hinge knuckles are visible when the door is closed.

5.   Aluminium Alternative

Our UPVC bi-fold doors are robust and strong and can compete with the more expensive aluminium options.

Bi-fold door

Composite Doors

We all know the old adage that first impressions count.

When someone approaches your property, their eyes are drawn to your front door because it can form the focal point of your property.

At Progress Windows we are delighted to be able to offer an impressive range of Composite doors.

You can choose from the more traditional or contemporary style; all available in an extensive range of colours and glass designs.

With a Composite door comes low maintenance. You will never need to paint it as you would with a timber door or worry about rotting or warping.

A Composite door from Progress offers excellent thermal efficiency, sound proofing  and security.

Composite door

uPVC Back & Front Doors, Hinckley Leicestershire

At Progress Windows we pride ourselves on the high specifications associated with our back doors. Our state of the art uPVC Residential Doors are designed to the very highest standards.

High Security Locks

All of our great range of Liniar residential doors are fitted with Yale Lockmaster multipoint locking as a  standard fitting. All of our Yale locks come with a security guarantee. Ask us for details – we are pleased to offer complete peace of mind in our products.

Secured by Design

We fit Yale Lockmaster multipoint door locks that are police preferred specification accredited security products. Each door comes with a 10 point locking system as standard. All uPVC panels used are reinforced to ensure rigidity and further enhance your door’s security status.

BSI Specified

All components of Yale’s Lockmaster multipoint door locks are designed and manufactured and tested to the latest British Standards Institute’s security criteria. Low threshold options are available to ensure our doors are easy to access with no ‘high step’

10 Year Guarantee

We provide a 10 year guarantee against cracking, warping or discolouration for all our residential Doors with the Liniar profile. Progress are also proud to offer a 10 year guarantee against mechanical failure. Very few companies are able to offer this length of guarantee on all moving parts.

Weather Tightness

We are able to give you vastly superior levels of weather tightness because our double rebated doors, are held into place under compression and gasketed using Liniar’s patented double action bubble seal. The double rebated design means that there are twice as many sealing points compared to composite doors.  Additionally, Liniar’s patented double action bubble gasket gives overall superior levels of weather tightness to the usual single brush pile seal.

Aesthetics and Design

We supply our doors in a wide range of styles and designs. We have designed and supplied many bespoke glass patterns in our doors and this allows you to create the dream entrance door to your home to make it unique. More than this, we offer a wide range of handle colours.

Environmentally Friendly

All uPVC Residential Doors are 100% lead free and 100% recyclable.

composite front door

Patio Doors & French Windows

When you want to maximise your view of the outside and benefit from more natural light within your home, our Liniar sliding patio doors and French Windows make the ideal solution.

Practical and versatile with a stunning appearance, they have been a popular choice for decades.

Choose a door from the Progress Windows collection and create a stylish, value-adding feature to your home whilst you enjoy the feeling of space, light and warmth.

What is the difference between Patio Doors & French Windows?

One of the major differences patio doors & French Windows is how they open. French Windows open outwards in the same manner as conventional doors. However, patio doors work by sliding along a track, so they open to the side. They both provide great style and ventilation.

The sliding nature of patio doors makes them well suited to modern houses.  The French Window, with its traditional opening action fits in well with traditional, period or older styles of building

Another key difference is that a patio door is generally constructed with one long glazed panel that slides along a rail in order to open.  Whilst a French Windows tend to be manufactured in pairs. Patio doors are usually wider than French Windows.

Both patio doors & French Windows allow a lot of natural light into your home. French doors can use a variety of smaller glazing pieces to provide enhanced privacy and more style. Patio doors allow more natural light into a room because they tend to have a larger area of glass.


Stable Doors

Stable doors are becoming more and more popular because they offer versatility, style and security. We are able to offer you a superb range of uPVC Stable Doors that will please you.

A ‘stable door’ option with a split between the top and bottom panels enables the lower section to be closed and locked shut whilst leaving the top section open. The top sash can be provided with a tilt and turn option for flexible use and to provide additional ventilation. The door can operate as a normal residential door, or with the two openings that can open independently. The top sash can operate independently from the bottom one with the simple turn of a handle that disengages the coupling.

stable door

UPVc Doors & Windows

Here at Progress Windows we have a large range of UPVC entrance doors. With so many different designs to choose from there will be one to complement any home perfectly.

We use Liniar for our doors as they are the most technically advanced on the market and offer a number of benefits. The Linia’s profile is completely lead free meaning they are environmentally friendly.

All Progress Windows are designed with security in mind as a key feature, and are available in a range of styles which includes Residential Doors, French Doors, Bi-Folding Doors, Patio Doors and Composite Doors.

All doors are available in an vast range of colours as standard including White, Cream, Rosewood, Light Oak, Irish Oak, Grey, Black and Chartwell Green and more.

UPVc Door

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