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At Progress Windows we pride ourselves on the high specifications associated with our back doors. Our state of the art uPVC Residential Doors are designed to the very highest standards.

High Security Locks

All of our great range of Liniar residential doors are fitted with Yale Lockmaster multipoint locking as a  standard fitting. All of our Yale locks come with a security guarantee. Ask us for details – we are pleased to offer complete peace of mind in our products.

Secured by Design

We fit Yale Lockmaster multipoint door locks that are police preferred specification accredited security products. Each door comes with a 10 point locking system as standard. All uPVC panels used are reinforced to ensure rigidity and further enhance your door’s security status.

BSI Specified

All components of Yale’s Lockmaster multipoint door locks are designed and manufactured and tested to the latest British Standards Institute’s security criteria. Low threshold options are available to ensure our doors are easy to access with no ‘high step’

10 Year Guarantee

We provide a 10 year guarantee against cracking, warping or discolouration for all our residential Doors with the Liniar profile. Progress are also proud to offer a 10 year guarantee against mechanical failure. Very few companies are able to offer this length of guarantee on all moving parts.

Weather Tightness

We are able to give you vastly superior levels of weather tightness because our double rebated doors, are held into place under compression and gasketed using Liniar’s patented double action bubble seal. The double rebated design means that there are twice as many sealing points compared to composite doors.  Additionally, Liniar’s patented double action bubble gasket gives overall superior levels of weather tightness to the usual single brush pile seal.

Aesthetics and Design

We supply our doors in a wide range of styles and designs. We have designed and supplied many bespoke glass patterns in our doors and this allows you to create the dream entrance door to your home to make it unique. More than this, we offer a wide range of handle colours.

Environmentally Friendly

All uPVC Residential Doors are 100% lead free and 100% recyclable.

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