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Patio Doors & French Windows

Patio Doors & French Windows

When you want to maximise your view of the outside and benefit from more natural light within your home, our Liniar sliding patio doors and French Windows make the ideal solution.

Practical and versatile with a stunning appearance, they have been a popular choice for decades.

Choose a door from the Progress Windows collection and create a stylish, value-adding feature to your home whilst you enjoy the feeling of space, light and warmth.

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Patio Doors & French Windows

What is the difference between Patio Doors & French Windows?

One of the major differences patio doors & French Windows is how they open. French Windows open outwards in the same manner as conventional doors. However, patio doors work by sliding along a track, so they open to the side. They both provide great style and ventilation.

The sliding nature of patio doors makes them well suited to modern houses.  The French Window, with its traditional opening action fits in well with traditional, period or older styles of building

Another key difference is that a patio door is generally constructed with one long glazed panel that slides along a rail in order to open.  Whilst a French Windows tend to be manufactured in pairs. Patio doors are usually wider than French Windows.

Both patio doors & French Windows allow a lot of natural light into your home. French doors can use a variety of smaller glazing pieces to provide enhanced privacy and more style. Patio doors allow more natural light into a room because they tend to have a larger area of glass.

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