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uPVC Bi-Fold Doors

UPVC Bi-Fold doors can create a whole new feel for your home, from a 2 pane up to a 7 pane configuration linking rooms together and seamlessly joining inside living with outside space.

We have designed our Liniar Bi-Fold doors from the ground-up and they are definitely market leading. They are the first UPVC product that can be regarded as a genuine alternative to the established aluminium systems. These doors can really enhance your home and have become very popular.

Our UPVC Bi-Fold doors are practical and easy to use. To give you true flexibility, our doors can be fully opened, partially opened or fully closed to suit the amount of space required. Once you have fully opened the doors, they neatly stack to give you valuable new space and an ‘open plan’ living area

Features and Benefits

1.    Slim Sight Lines

Our slimmer frames mean that we use less uPVC and give you more glass to provide more natural light.

2.    Flexible Configuration

From a 2 to 7 panel configurations available, you can tailor your bi-fold door to suit your home.

3.   Ultra Low Threshold

Available with an aluminium 24mm low threshold and optional wheelchair access ramp.

4.   Concealed Hardware

We have enhanced the look of these doors by providing in-board mounted stainless steel track to conceal all the hardware.  This means that only the hinge knuckles are visible when the door is closed.

5.   Aluminium Alternative

Our UPVC bi-fold doors are robust and strong and can compete with the more expensive aluminium options.

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uPVC Bi-Fold Doors

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