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Orangeries In Hinckley & Leicester - Light, Space And Style

Progress Windows’ Orangeries come in a range of traditional and contemporary designs to suit your home, offering the best of both worlds; natural light from a lantern roof like a conservatory, but with the solid feel of an extension.

Extra Space

Design finishing touches

Colour of your choice

High Security

Orangeries offer an incredibly versatile space, perfect for kitchens, sitting rooms and playrooms. Together with Progress Windows, you can customise your design with a choice of 36 colour combinations, both solid colours and wood grain foils, and materials, brickwork, ceiling, windows and doors, ensuring it will be a beautiful space that’s completely unique and your own.

An orangery from Progress Windows brings you impressively high ceilings to maximise space, and pillars that provide both grandeur and privacy. Orangeries tend to have a higher proportion of brickwork, differentiating them from a conservatory, and can appear more like a natural extension to your home than a separate room. This makes it the ideal living space to extend and allow more natural light to enter, which creates a more pleasant environment to rest and relax while spending time with loved ones.

The team at Progress Windows have been trusted by numerous homeowners to create the perfect new living space for their families and we can help guide you through the process of creating the perfect Orangery that would improve your home.

Just like our doors and windows, our Orangeries are also manufactured to the highest standards to provide your home with security. With Yale locks, you can feel at ease.


Orangeries offer increased thermal efficiency and with cutting edge thermal technology in your roof, you are rewarded with all year round comfort.

Progress Windows are able to offer the A + 14, the highest available energy rating efficient conservatories, exceeding industry standards and with no energy loss whatsoever. A window from Progress will keep the warmth in and be virtually draught-free.


Lead Free1Eco- Friendly

The dangers of lead are well known – however, each Liniar Window from Progress Windows is 100% Lead-Free and recyclable uPVC.


Recycling v021British Fenestration Rating Council (BRFC)

The UK’s nationally recognised scheme for measuring window energy efficiency. Using a rainbow label scheme similar to that found on fridges, freezers and washing machines helps to simplify the method used in comparing the energy efficiency rating.


Carbon Footprint - Logo1Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Having uPVC windows installed within your home will reduce the amount of energy you use. By consuming less energy to heat up your home, you will also be reducing your CO2 emissions. We use environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and recycle old products when completing an installation.

energy saving rating chart

A Conservatory is usually defined as having a roof that is over 75% glass (or polycarbonate) with a high pitch, while an Orangery has a solid flat roof perimeter with a central glass lantern. An orangery may have more brickwork than a conservatory, but it is the roof that defines the difference. An orangery can also be a separate structure built away from the house.

Conservatories tend to have a higher proportion of glazed surfaces, making them ideal for sunny afternoons and bringing the outdoors, in. Closer to a traditional extension of the home with less glass, orangeries offer more wall space and privacy and are often more imposing structures adding a touch of grandeur to a property.

These are only guidelines. There are no rules and we can help you create your own look and feel whichever style you go for.

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