Stable Doors Leicester
Multifunctional Stable Doors In Leicester & Hinckley

Stable doors offer versatility, style and security. With the two hinges that can be opened independently, our superb range of uPVC Stable doors can operate as normal residential doors as well.Available in a range of colours and designs, they can be customised according to your preferences and budget.

Perfect for houses with pets and kids, our stable doors are beautifully designed and made to last!

Security and warmth

Energy rating of A+14

Colour of your choice

Reduce your energy bills

Stable doors are becoming more and more popular because they offer versatility, style and security. We are able to offer you a superb range of uPVC Stable Doors that will please you.

A ‘stable door’ option with a split between the top and bottom panels enables the lower section to be closed and locked shut whilst leaving the top section open. The top sash can be provided with a tilt and turn option for flexible use and to provide additional ventilation. The door can operate as a normal residential door, or with the two openings that can open independently. The top sash can operate independently from the bottom one with the simple turn of a handle that disengages the coupling.

Available Colours

Yale Lockmaster Door Lock

Security is our priority. With the world’s favourite lock Yale, you can have peace of mind that your home and the things you care about most are secure. All our doors are available with an optional high-security Lockmaster locking systems.


£1,000 Security Guarantee

With the Yale Lockmaster locking System Security Guarantee means you will receive up to £1,000 towards home content insurance in the unlikely event of a break in.


10 Year Mechanical Guarantee

Every Yale Lockmaster Window and door locking system is guaranteed against mechanical failure for 10 years after installation.


British Standards Institute (BSI) Specification

All components are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and tested to the latest BSI security criteria applicable to windows and doors.

Progress Windows are able to offer the A + 14, the highest available energy rating efficient door, exceeding industry standards and with no energy loss whatsoever. A window from Progress will keep the warmth in and be virtually draught-free.


Lead Free1Eco- Friendly

The dangers of lead are well known – however, each Liniar Window from Progress Windows is 100% Lead-Free and recyclable uPVC.


Recycling v021British Fenestration Rating Council (BRFC)

The UK’s nationally recognised scheme for measuring window energy efficiency. Using a rainbow label scheme similar to that found on fridges, freezers and washing machines helps to simplify the method used in comparing the energy efficiency rating.


Carbon Footprint - Logo1Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Having uPVC windows installed within your home will reduce the amount of energy you use. By consuming less energy to heat up your home, you will also be reducing your CO2 emissions. We use environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and recycle old products when completing an installation.

energy saving rating chart

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