Bay Double Glazed Windows

Progress Windows offer you revolutionary bay double glazed windows with a range of features and benefits that will be a real asset to your home.

A bay window is classically angled with three windows that stand out from the main house. It usually has a large centre window with two smaller windows at the sides. We can produce these windows in a variety of sizes.

The large centre window aims to give you great design feature, but also to give you a wide outside view.

Styles and Layouts

We can supply you a range of bay double glazed window styles styles and layouts to match your needs.  For example we can offer three facet, box bay, five facet and a number of other styles.

Slim Profile

We use ultra-slim frames to mean that you have stylish, and delightful looking bay windows.  The slim profile also means that you get a better natural light in your rooms.  It also creates an enhanced field of view for your room.

We Offer Design Choices

Our bay double glazed windows offer you a range of additional design options including:

Leaded glass

An astragal bar or grid giving the appearance of a Georgian window with divided  multiple panes

Georgian window bars, which are integral to the window and set inside the sealed units. Unlike astragal bars that are fixed to the glass on the inside and out. So you get the traditional, crafted look of multiple panes on a single piece of glazing

decorative sash horns.

Thermally Efficiency

By using multi-chambered profile technology and not using unnecessary steel reinforcement we are able to achieve outstanding thermal efficiency.  This allows your home to benefit from a better energy rated window and minimal heat loss through our bay double glazed windows.

Environmentally Friendly

Our bay double glazed windows meet legislation ahead of it coming into force by being completely lead free.

We offer a contemporary trim detail so that you can preserve the period charm of your windows, but still have a subtle attractive modern style.

Our windows can be easily cleaned with just a damp cloth because we have designed the interior and exterior joint couplings in a way that prevents dust traps forming.

We use slim frames so that our bay double glazed windows are ideal for a range of decorative glazing options such as diamond lead or Georgian bars.

uPVC Casement Windows Hinckley

uPVC Casement Windows are one of our most popular choices; this style of window can suit most properties from the traditional and conventional homes to the more modern elegant of properties. A Liniar uPVC casement window from Progress can provide the desired security and warmth essential for your comfort.

Our team are here to listen to you, at Progress we will make your new windows in the colour of your choice and the configuration that suits you best. Our casement windows can made as unique as you like, we offer a choice of decorative glass.

Our uPVC casement windows allow maximum light in to your rooms, with our superb energy rating of A+14 you can reduce your energy bills.

If you would like to discuss how Progress Windows can help you make your home look more aesthetically pleasing, secure and more energy efficient with uPVC Casement Windows then call our friendly team now on 01455 632731.

casement windows

Sliding Sash uPVC Windows

Sliding Sash uPVC Windows give you the benefits of the vintage charm of traditional sash windows with modern-day thermal efficiency.

Our hand-built sliding sash uPVC windows are hard to distinguish from timber windows – so the decision to replace is easy. We use the very best materials in our hand-built uPVC windows, this includes using the best operating mechanisms for ease of use and security.

Our windows are more than just style

We know that you want much more than just looks when you choose sliding sash uPVC windows from Progress Windows.  However, we would highlight the strong design that underpins our products and sets our windows apart from our competition.

We us a unique profile system to manufacture our sliding sash uPVC windows. Although originally designed about 10 years ago when we took all of the best elements from windows systems around then, it is a relatively new profile system. This has enabled us to create something unique in the market place.

Sculpted System

Our sculpted system is designed to give the window a great aesthetic finish and to look  elegant rarely found in a way not often found in building products. We use curves to soften the appearance of the window and give it a more attractive look that will impress you and those who see your home.

The jambs, sash sections and mid-railing are produced in very slim profile sections.  This aims to recreate and mimic a traditional timber sash window. If our sash window is needed to replace an existing timber sash, then we understand that you will want the window to be sympathetic to the original style of the sash window but without the huge price tag.

Easy to clean from the inside

We have ensured that our design is practical as well as having great design and style.  Our sliding sash windows can be cleaned from inside the property because we have incorporated an inward opening tilt facility as standard.

Sash Horn Windows

Our Sash Horn windows allow you to keep the authenticity of your property with style. Our Sash Horns are a continuation of the frame itself instead of the usual method of achieving this by simply gluing on the extensions.

Our industry leading sash horn windows provide the traditional aesthetics of yesteryear combined with 21st century materials which offer superior performance and functionality.

Classic Design

Sash horn windows were originally designed to give the sash window stability, but the advent of uPVC windows removed that need.  Older buildings can preserve the classic look of wooden box-sash windows, whilst maintaining the authenticity of any property.

Weather Tightness

Our Sash horn window have been designed to achieve high levels of weather-tightness and resistance to draughts. This ensures that the environment of your rooms are kept warm and draught-free.

High Security

We understand that you will be concerned about the security of your windows.  To ensure your peace of mind we provide high security shoot bolt locking systems to provide excellent security and resistance to break-ins.

Integrated Horns

We fit fully integrated run through sash horns that are a continuation of the sash frame for authenticity.  Unlike the version on the right where the sash horn is obviously stuck on as an afterthought.  If you compare this with the top picture you can quickly spot the difference.

Hand Finishing

All the windows installed by Progress Windows undergo a rigorous hand finishing procedure by our skilled staff:

  •  Our sash jambs are CNC machined to allow tighter tolerances, a better fit and an overall higher quality finish.
  • We use a continuous Eurogroove detail to allow the fitment of wrap-around shoot-bolt hardware.
  • We ensure that we use an uninterrupted gasket seal around the sash perimeter with additional horn seals to ensure a great seal.
sash window

Tilt and Turn uPVC Windows

Tilt and turn uPVC windows are ideal for modern properties.  They offer a simple, stylish and contemporary window solution.  Additionally they have the benefits of noise reduction, low maintenance, safety and security and energy efficiency.  Our tilt and turn uPVC windows have the highest possible window energy A + rating.  It allows good light ingress, whilst providing secure and unobtrusive ventilation

Features and benefits

1.    Contemporary, Stylish Design

Our tilt and turn uPVC windows have been designed to have clean lines and attention to detail where the hardware is fully integrated in a tasteful way.

2.    Ease of Use

By very careful design and testing, we have produced tilt and turn uPVC windows that are very easy to operate.  They have a dual-action movement that give you provide the very best balance of both form and function.

3.    Uninterrupted Seal

Our windows are fitted with a continuous rebate gasket to stop condensation and simultaneously improves sound proofing.

4.    Secure Ventilation

Our great design gives you the peace of mind that you can have ventilation for your rooms using the tilt function, whilst maintaining the security of your home.

5.    Ease of Cleaning

We have thought carefully about ease of cleaning.  Our tilt and turn uPVC windows open fully inwards so you can clean them easily.

6.    Corrosion resistance

Long term corrosion protection comes as standard, guaranteed from ‘FerGUard silver‘ surface coating.

tilt and turn windows

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