UPVC doors have been known to be practical but not the most attractive of doors. However, at Progress Windows, we offer customisation services so you can choose the colour that suits you best as well as the glass. If you opt for glass on your door, it is also available in a variety of styles and designs. This door can completely change your home because it is secure, weatherproof, and energy efficient. 

Change the glass

Your home will immediately gain character and a more personal feel if you add or replace the glass on your door with a design you love. Furthermore, you can invite natural light inside your house through the glass panels without ever opening a door. They require little upkeep. Because they are simple to clean, glass entry doors are frequently chosen. Glass won’t rust or warp and will maintain the aesthetic appeal of your home for many years.

Paint the door

Selecting a unique colour for your door will help it feel more like your own home while also differentiating it from the typical white UPVC door. Additionally, the paint will continue to save you money after you’ve painted your door because the premium coating has effects that last for up to ten years. This is all without cracking, fading or discolouring. 

Furthermore, if all of your UPVC features are still fully functional, replacing them all would be expensive and unnecessary. You could save up to 80% of that potential cost with a simple repaint.

At Progress Windows, our extensive selection of solid colour and natural wood effect foils can help you improve the appearance of your home. Our eco-friendly process is used to apply all of our foils, which are made entirely of organic calcium material.

Update the handle

To make your UPVC door stand out, you can spray or paint the handle to add a pop of colour or a metallic shine to give a luxury feel and to coat the UPVC to make it last even longer, saving you money on a replacement. 

We hope this blog has inspired you with ideas on how to make your UPVC door your own. If you are interested in installing a UPVC door, contact a member of our Progress Windows team today to find out more!