There are many advantages to bungalows. They offer privacy and easier access than standard houses do, so they can be a perfect choice if you have mobility issues or are downsizing. However, because these homes don’t stand very high off the ground, you need to be careful with the choice of windows and doors, to make sure they work well with this size of house. To make this a bit easier for you, we have compiled a list of windows and doors styles that match bungalows below. 

Casement windows

Casement windows are a good choice for bungalows, because they can be opened to allow more air flow and natural light. They also provide the opportunity to add an exterior window sill or ledge that is perfect for flowers or small plants on the outside of your home.

They can also help with security by keeping intruders out because they aren’t easy to reach through from outside, while still allowing light inside. 

Bay windows

The bay windows are a popular choice for bungalows, and they pair well with the modest size of these homes. Whether you’re remodelling your home or building one from scratch, consider adding these types of windows to the design. 

Sliding sash windows

Sliding sash windows are a good option for bungalows because they fit with the style of architecture. If you’re looking to replace your windows, think about choosing sliding sash frames that match the architectural design and look like an original feature on your home.

Wooden doors

Now we’ve talked about the different types of windows, let’s talk about the best door choices. It should come as no surprise that an all-wood exterior door is a perfect match for a traditional bungalow style home. But if your home has brick or stone on the outside, then you might also consider uPVC, composite or even aluminium doors.

Due to the specific design and humble size of bungalow-style houses, it’s important to get the right doors and windows to match them. Consider choosing some of the options presented above or get in touch with our team to discuss other options available. We offer a bespoke service and are more than happy to walk you through various solutions. Contact Progress Windows today!