When it comes to keeping your home safe and secure, you really can’t put a price on it, especially if you have a family who you want to keep safe.

That’s why with Ultion locks, we understand the importance of safety and security and why these locks are top-notch to keep intruders at bay.

In this article, we’ll be looking at all the benefits Ultion has to offer.

Home Security

Ultion locks have been heavily tried and tested and have been unbeaten in every test. They’re approved by the Police, tested by locksmiths and Ultion locks are accredited to the highest standards. You really don’t need to look anywhere else for your home security.

Ultion locks bring the homeowner and consumer at the forefront of safety and security, designing an easy to use but durable and sustainable lock with you in mind.

Lockdown Mode

In the event of a break-in, Ultion locks have a hidden attack lock which activates a lockdown mode whereby the lock prevents the intruder from being able to open the door. Furthermore, they’re able to prevent a drill attack happening on the lock with over 20 hardened steel pins and plates.

If lockdown mode is enabled, don’t worry, if you’re inside the house you can still operate the lock and door as normal from inside the property.

Full Reliability

With nearly 300,000 key combinations the Ultion lock is made for ultimate security and safety. 

And not only that but the locks are made from molybdenum (Mo) which is an element found in one of the superalloys, which is also used in military aircrafts, meaning if it’s good enough for military use, it’s good enough and strong enough to exclude intruders from your home.

Get Your Ultion Lock Today

We supply Ultion locks with our doors, so when you’re interested in upgrading your front or back door, be sure to ask us about Ultion locks and we can help provide one of these locks with your chosen door. Simply start by shopping our door range and then either get a quote or give us a call where we can best advise you on Ultion locks.