With Progress Windows, you can expand and raise the value of your home right now. Do you have a beautiful garden or a breathtaking view? By building a conservatory, you can enjoy it all year long. With the aid of Progress Windows, you can create a stylish, light-filled room. We can expertly design and install a stunning addition to your home, no matter what shape or style conservatory you are looking for. Discover which conservatory design best fits your needs and home by reading on.

Victorian Conservatories

This conservatory style is one of the most popular, and it’s clear why that’s the case. They have the ability to add traditional, elegant style to any home. They have outstanding energy efficiency, which can help you save on your energy bills. In addition, they are extremely low maintenance as they only require the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to remain as good as new. This timeless favourite is available in a range of colours to help you make it the perfect fit for your home.

Edwardian Conservatories

The footprint is the primary difference between the Victorian and Edwardian conservatories. Due to its robustness, ease of maintenance, and timeless design, it is yet another very popular option. Edwardian conservatories are very well-liked among homeowners because they are readily available in various colours and finishes, made-to-measure, and extremely energy-efficient.

Lean-To Conservatories

This is a cost-effective home addition that increases your home’s value as well as its living space. They work best on bungalows, as they typically do not have very high roofs, so hight-restictions are not a boundary. Furthermore, the sloping style of roof incorporated with this conservatory means water does not collect and will not cause leaking or build-up. These suit modern homes as they have a minimalist style and a sleek feel. The customisations for this conservatory include a choice of a single, patio, French, or bi-fold doors, windows, and wall height.

Gable-end Conservatories

To maximise height, light, and space, a gable-end conservatory is a square or rectangular room with a gable front. The front of the roof doesn’t slope back to the centre in a conservatory with gable ends. Instead, the front maintains its upright position like the end of a house, giving the structure a stunning appearance both inside and out. This is a much-loved conservatory style due to its ability to maximise height and the amount of light entering your home. Creating an open and light feeling in your house. 

P-Shaped Conservatories

The P-shaped conservatory style is perfect for larger, detached homes. It combines Victorian and Edwardian architectural elements. Whether your property is old or new, we can design it to fit in and add a sense of luxury and grandeur. Its unique design adds living space to your home and a significant increase in natural light.

We hope this blog has helped you determine which style will suit your home and needs the best. For more information, contact a member of our specialist team today or get a quote from our quote builder.